Are we teaching kids or fixing their Writing?

Getting that Buzz in Writers Workshop!

How can Writing time be organised in a manageable and effective way?

Deb offers the below workshops to develop the writing capacities of teachers and students.

  • The joy of writing!
  • Organising Effective Writers Workshop Prep-2; Year 3-6
  • Writer’s Notebook Strategy – quality writing needs quality thinking
  • Explicitly Teaching the Craft of Writing – skills & strategies
  • The Place of Grammar and Spelling in a Writing Program
  • Mini lessons ­for small group teaching – a repertoire of ideas; developing a Writing Menu
  • Assessment – a repertoire of practical ways to assess writing, including Writing Analysis
  • Using assessment to inform planning and teaching
  • Celebrating Writing with Writer’s Gifts
  • Using Mentor Texts to improve writing
  • Developing Prep – Year 6 Literacy Assessment Schedule – Reading, Writing, Spelling
  • What Australian Curriculum and State Guidelines are telling us (all topics )

For more information on the sessions Deb offers, click on the menu or select a link from below.

  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Spelling
  4. Inquiry
  5. Leadership