Friday 6 August – READERS WORKSHOP – Organising for Effective Teaching and Learning with Young Readers

Presented by Deb Sukarna for Foundation to Year 2 Teachers

The organisation of a Readers Workshop with young readers is both challenging and rewarding. This seminar will focus on how to effectively structure the daily reading session and how to develop the children’s ability to self-regulate through simple routines.  We will explore how to differentiate in our planning, so we cater for the range of Literacy development that we have in our classrooms. Teachers will be provided with a Foundation to Year 2 Yearly Reading Planner to guide discussion on how a rich Reading Program can be developed.

  • The importance of classroom practice reflecting current literacy research
  • Framework for planning an effective Reading Program – yearly planner
  • Understanding the place of phonics in reading and spelling
  • Overview of the importance of Language Experience, Inquiry, Learning and Development Play
  • Setting up Classroom Libraries – the power of quality literature and non-fiction
  • Structuring Readers Workshop to meet development needs
  • Creating an independent routine so teachers can ‘teach’
  • The joy of conferring with young children – enhancing and monitoring comprehension
  • The importance of needs-based Focus Group teaching – Guided Reading; Rhyme Reading
  • Strategies to engage children in quality texts before, during and after reading
  • Independent reading linked to purposeful text response


Please select the number of participants attending and provide any dietary requirements.
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Workshop Details


Heidelberg Golf Club

Main Road

Lower Plenty Vic 3093



Week Day Workshops: 9:15 am to 3:15 pm

Saturday Workshops: 10:00 am to 3:15 pm



$270 per person, or $250 per person (including GST) for two or more participants from the one school

(Cost includes morning tea, lunch and hand-outs)


Terms and Conditions

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