Friday 5 November & Wednesday 10 November – SPELLING – Two Day Workshop (ONLINE)

Presented by Deb Sukarna for Foundation to Year 6 Teachers


This two-day seminar will allow for a deeper look at the teaching of Spelling and the current research that needs to underpin and guide our classroom practice. Spelling is a complex process, that has often been simplified into programs that cherry-pick only certain aspects of it. The teaching of Spelling can easily become activities that are done, or a program worked through, rather than focussing on the actual Speller, the student. The whole point of teaching Spelling is for students to have knowledge and strategies they can draw on when they need to spell a word when writing and proofreading. A Spelling program with no connection to Writers Workshop or any writing task makes no sense.

Friday 5 November:  Understanding how Children Learn to Spell

Teachers will be introduced to a repertoire approach to teaching Spelling. Understandings as to how children learn how to spell will be clarified, with a focus on English Orthography and the implications for the teaching of phonics and spelling. The importance of children being metacognitive and having the knowledge to help themselves as Spellers will be examined through classroom practice.

  • The importance of classroom practice reflecting current literacy research
  • Understanding English Orthography – implications for teaching phonics and spelling
  • Word inquiry based on an understanding of how English orthography works
  • Understanding threads of Spelling Knowledge that children need to draw on
  • Understanding how kids learn to spell – pattern by pattern not word by word
  • Explicitly teaching kids to be strategic spellers

Wednesday 10 November:  Planning a Spelling Program –  Analysis of Spelling Errors

This session will draw upon the previous day to outline a simple structure for weekly and daily spelling sessions. A Spelling Menu will be provided which will assist teachers with planning for effective teaching of spelling. Links to Writers Workshop and the differentiation of spelling to meet student needs will be covered. Teachers will also be introduced to Spelling Analysis, for students at risk and to monitor progress.

  • Key principles for guiding teaching and spelling
  • A framework for planning –using a spelling menu
  • Structure of a spelling session
  • Connecting what is taught in spelling to student writing – the reasons we teach spelling!
  • Creating hands-on resources for students
  • Spelling lists – which ones ? why? how?


SPELLING (Two Day Workshop)- 5 November & 10 November
Please select the number of participants attending and provide any dietary requirements.

Workshop Details

Online via Zoom


Week Day Workshops: 9:15 am to 3:15 pm

Saturday Workshops: 10:00 am to 3:15 pm



$270 per person, or $250 per person (including GST) for two or more participants from the one school

(Cost includes hand-outs)


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