Friday 28 May – FOCUS GROUP TEACHING – LITERACY – Reading and Writing to Learn Non-Fiction *ONLINE*

Presented by Deb Sukarna for Foundation to Year 6 Teachers


This seminar will provide a repertoire of small group teaching ideas that can be taught in both Reading and Writing Workshops. These teaching procedures focus on the skills and strategies required when reading and writing for different purposes with Non-Fiction. Once students are introduced to these skills and strategies, they can practice using them, and draw on them independently when reading and writing. Non – Fiction texts have varied text structures and features that differ from Fiction. We expect students to be able to comprehend and create these texts, so we need to ensure that they have the Literacy skills and strategies to do so.

  • The importance of non-fiction in a balanced reading and writing program
  • Reading and Writing Process Theory and how it helps us better teach reading and writing non-fiction
  • Strategies to deepen comprehension when reading and strengthen quality of message when writing
  • Features of non-fiction texts – how they differ from fiction
  • Practical teaching procedures for Reading and Writing a variety of non-fiction genre:
    – SQ3R
    –  Structured Overviews
    –  Recomposing
    –  Data Charts
    –  Possible Sentences
    –  From Different Perspectives
  • Comprehending and creating visual texts
  • Effectively using non-fiction literacy strategies in Inquiry Units
  • Frontloading concepts and vocabulary before reading non-fiction


Please select the number of participants attending and provide any dietary requirements.
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Workshop Details

Online via Zoom


Week Day Workshops: 9:15 am to 3:15 pm

Saturday Workshops: 10:00 am to 3:15 pm



$270 per person, or $250 per person (including GST) for two or more participants from the one school

(Cost includes hand-outs)


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