Friday 23 July – WRITING CONFERENCES THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE – Improving Student Writing

Presented by Deb Sukarna for Foundation to Year 6 Teachers

A conference is an opportunity to provide feedback to students about their writing – it is helping students reflect on their writing through a specific lens, so they learn how to revise their writing. It means that we don’t tell them what to do – that won’t help them to help themselves the next day on another piece of work! This seminar will focus on how to structure a Writing conference to ensure that each student is engaged and that we are focusing on helping the ‘writer’ rather than fixing the ‘writing.’  A scaffold will be provided that teachers can use to help prepare for conferences with questions and strategies that will help the developing writer.  Conferences need to be systematic and help students learn how to think and talk about writing and skills and strategies of revision. Resources will be provided to support teachers. 

  • Understanding the writing process and revision
  • Giving students a ‘lens’ to revisit their writing
  • Understanding how to conference effectively – knowing the focus for feedback
  • Modelling the language of ‘talking about writing’
  • Conferences – at the heart of teaching writing
  • Understanding the Conference Hierarchy – knowing the focus for feedback
  • A practical scaffold to help teachers improve their conference skills and management
  • Helping students to know how to help themselves as writers – being metacognitive
  • Making conferences manageable and timely: Foundation-Year 1, Year 2-Year 6
  • Helping teachers structure effective conferences
  • Conferencing and assessment go hand in hand


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