Friday 16 October – Teaching Children To Spell – Planning an effective Spelling program (ONLINE)

Understanding English Orthography – Implications for teaching phonics and spelling – Presented by David Hornsby for Foundation to Year 2 Teachers

  • Moving away from phonocentric approaches to evidence-based approaches
  • Word inquiry based on an understanding of how English orthography actually works
  • Three different positions on phonics:  extreme phonics, basic phonics and zero phonics
  • The spelling strategies
  • Practical, systematic, explicit and rigorous teaching procedures
  • Word lists for spelling patterns and vocabulary? How? Why?
  • Consideration of developmental stages and repertoire theory (how both inform our practice)
  • Messages from significant literacy educators and current research
  • What the Victorian Curriculum says about phonics and spelling

Planning a Balanced Spelling Program – Presented by Deb Sukarna for Year 3 to Year 6 Teachers

  • What the Australian and Victorian Curriculum are telling us
  • The importance of classroom practice reflecting current literacy research
  • Understanding how kids learn to spell – pattern by pattern not word by word
  • Explicitly teaching kids to be strategic spellers
  • A framework for planning – using a Spelling Menu
  • Structure of a spelling session
  • Teaching through inquiry – investigations and generalisations
  • Connecting what is taught in spelling to student writing
  • Helping spellers know how to help themselves when they write
  • Creating hands on resources for students
  • Helping children at risk
  • Spelling lists – which ones ? why? how?


Teaching Children to Spell Workshop - 16 October
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