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Well I am finally getting back to the BLOG!

This year I have been welcomed into so many classrooms by generous teachers and kids.

A highlight for me, is when I get to observe teachers in classrooms, and then provide feedback to help them take new steps forward. In this role as a coach, I am also learning from them, and seeing the creative ways, in which teachers, bed down their practice.


Below is some sharing of practice by Prep teachers at Carlton Gardens Primary School, where I have been working throughout the year. Sarah Moon, Laura Ross and Rachel Cross are implementing Writers Workshop, and it is a joy to see the work they are doing and the collaborative way in which they plan and work together.

I hope this inspires more of you to share ideas on my Blog or email me and I will do it for you!


Cloud Making Experiment – Language Experience

In Prep at Carlton Gardens Primary School we have been learning about seasons and weather. We did a cloud making experiment using hot water, ice and hairspray. The video of this language experience was used as our seed for writing. The kids absolutely loved it and it inspired some excellent thinking for their writing.


Ipad – sharing

During Share Time we use the iPad and Apple TV to project student writing. This maximises engagement and allows all students to clearly see the writing and therefore provide specific and valuable feedback.

Laura Walsh, Rachel Cross and Sarah Moon

Prep Team

Carlton Gardens Primary School

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